Wedding Hire – Styling, Dining, Ceremonies & Receptions

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 Form Over Function owns an exquisite and unique wedding hire range designed to provide you with an extensive array of possibilities.

It’s a wedding hire range that covers not only the vital necessities – such as beautiful dinnerware and glassware – but also provides the special wedding styling and décor touches that transform the way a space or table looks, and allows you to celebrate with your own sense of style.

Wedding hire & wedding styling you just can’t find anywhere else.

From linens in a frankly ridiculous range of sizes, shapes and shades — let alone quality – that we’re darn proud of, to hand picked styling ranges, we’ve worked hard to build a wedding hire range that isn’t available elsewhere.

And if we don’t have exactly what you’re looking for, be old school. Pick up the phone and call us. Or drop us a line. Don’t be afraid to ask.

We’re constantly sourcing new products for our wedding styling clients, which means we have an ever expanding wedding hire range. And we’re happy to explore the option of going shopping just for you. Don’t be afraid to ask.

Wedding hire that comes to you. Wherever you live. Wherever you’re celebrating.

Unlike many wedding hire companies, Form Over Function is happy to organise to ship our wedding hire range to wherever in Australia you have chosen to marry or have a commitment ceremony.

Now it’s not a good idea to ship every piece we own around the place, For a start we can’t imagine our metre long table mirrors would travel too safely in the hands of our couriers (sorry guys).

On the good news front, most of our wedding hire range boxes up and ships with ease, and to date our “boxes of style” have made an appearance at celebrations as far afield as Tenterfield, Wagga Wagga, Hayman Island, Auckland, New Zealand, Nowra, Burleigh Heads, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth.

A fabulous new online wedding hire depot in on the way.

We’re working feverishly behind the scenes – this very minute as you read this, right now, truly – creating a really beautiful, easy to use, online wedding hire depot which will showcase every single item in our extensive and stylish wedding hire range. Every. Single. Item. Photographed from every angle. Shown on its own. And at an event. So you can visualise just how you would like to use it. Or gain inspiration from how we’ve used it to make your wedding sing.

That’s thousands and thousands of items.

From linens to furniture to décor pretties to all your dining needs and more.

And you know the really, really, really great thing about our wedding hire range? Aside from how much there is to choose from, how it encompasses styles from the contemporary to the rustic; from the vintage to classic? If it’s not in amazing condition it does not go out. That simple. We stake our reputation on it.

Now how many other wedding hire event companies will guarantee that? And really mean it?

The only challenge is, we’re not quite finished setting up the new store, and we can’t open up the doors until every single one of those thousands of items are on our online wedding hire depot shelves.

So for now, for just a little longer, please bear with us and visit our old online wedding hire depot by visiting here.

We are also very happy to help you make your choices with a call to discuss what you’re looking for. We have many happy clients on our books who we have never met.

To contact us to discuss the possibilities click here.


We’re proud of who we have worked for. Click here to see who we count as treasured wedding clients.