At Form Over Function, we know that organising a wedding can be overwhelming. And it shouldn’t be. It really should be fun, exciting, occasionally emotional (happy tears only), and all about the love. Which is where we come in.

We turn 20 this year, which means we’ve got all the planning, styling and floral experience you need at your side.

We know the short cuts you can take. We’ve got all the inside information you need to know. We know how to help you make it happen with ease, and help you keep to your budget as well.

All our talents, skills and styling kit are in house – from planning and co-ordination, to styling, flowers and hire, stationery design and calligraphy. It makes for a seamless day, a lot less phone calls and emails, a budget that doesn’t implode, and a team who is always all over everything for your day. Now can’t you feel yourself breathing a little easier already?

And the kicker? The thing very few wedding businesses will promise? Actually, there are two things!

1. We only do one wedding a day (or a weekend usually) – which means you get 100 per cent of us from start to finish, so it’s always our A-team on hand to make it happen for you both.

2. We don’t take a cut or a kick back from anyone, and we don’t pay a commission to be recommended by venues. They recommend us because they know we won’t let you down, and they love what we do.

planning your wedding?

So whether you’re dreaming of a fashion forward chic celebration in the heart of the city, a weekend long beachside wed fest with a boho vibe or you can’t shake the vision of the warmth of a country wedding among the vines, Form Over Function can take that vision and make it happen.


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client love

Thank you so much for everything you did to make our day absolutely the best of our lives. It would have been nothing without you – there aren’t enough words to explain how happy or grateful we are. All our love!

Lauren + Mick

Vaucluse Amateur 12ft Sailing Club, Vaucluse

The moment I walked into our reception room I was speechless, met by the most gorgeous vision that was my wedding. I couldn’t believe it! Alicia and the Form Over Function team exceeded my wildest expectations, it was beyond perfect. You simply can’t go past Form Over Function. If only I could go back to that moment again…Thank you Alicia xx

Trish & Ben

Cuppits, Milton South Coast

LOVE LOVE LOVE everything you did on the day! You made it all so perfect and best the weather cooperated with us. It was an amazing day.

We can’t thank you enough for all the love and care you put into styling our wedding listen to what I wanted and made sure I got it all!

You were so warm, accommodating and efficient from the very first call, which made it easy to trust you. I literally gave a sigh of relief, realising that I had chosen well and wow, did you deliver! You made us very happy.

Nikki + Daniele

Bathers Pavilion, Balmoral


from the heart

We like to keep it personal, warm and real, and we’ll always have your back. We’re utterly passionate about what we do, how we do it, and the day we’re not is the day we hang up our flower scissors and put away the seating plan software.

As far as we’re concerned, we only get one chance to get it right for your wedding day, and that’s how much we’ll care about you come your day.

Whether you engage us to style your wedding and do all the florals, or hand over the whole wedding planning list and say go – we think there’s enough stress and drama in life without adding any of that to the mix for you.

And importantly, we actually believe your wedding is all about you, so we’ll work with you to design a day that fits you like a glove. We listen to what you want and love – really listen.

let's get this planning party started!

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