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Form Over Function has two decades of experience in delivering the wow for corporate events, private celebrations & weddings. 

With an absolute passion for the details that matter and a genuine love for what they do. Coupled with a finger firmly on the pulse of the wider design world to ensures their work is always innovative, fresh and miles ahead of the “Pinterest pack”.

And with that immense experience (which includes being able to organise a wheelchair for an event guest at 15 minutes notice whilst afloat on a ferry in the middle of Sydney Harbour) comes the capacity to deliver.

Their philosophy when it comes to events, you only get one chance to get it right. With this firmly in mind, Form Over Function makes sure expectations are not only met, but are exceeded them. Every time. No request is too large, too small, too difficult, too bizarre – Form Over Function is all about delivering you the stuff of your dreams. 

The Form Over Function team loves a challenge and bring all of their passion, talents, skills and drive to make every event a stand out. Transforming spaces into something spectacular.  There’ll be colour, texture, fragrance and love. Lots of it. You can not only see but feel the immense amount of heart and soul poured in every last detail.

meet the team

With an in-house team that spans talents on the pretty side of life included florals, stationery design and calligraphy, to the back end, logistical side of events including a certified electrician, carpenter and engineer, Alicia is backed by a dedicated and amazing team, some of whom have proudly donned the Form Over Function uniform for more than 15 years.



Chief Creative Design Ninja

Creative force behind Form Over Function. Event thinker, planner and designer. Floral buyer and creator with the rose thorn scars all over her hands to prove it. Head buyer of too many things to add to the warehouse styling kit.

When someone can lay claim to having been contacted by a corporate client at midday on a Tuesday, and be setting up a completely custom designed display stand at a trade show at 6am on Thursday, you know they’re up for a challenge and will meet it head on. (Oh, and it involved completely custom designing the concept and seeing it delivered when not one item required was on the shelves of the warehouse).

When not working on the event side of life, Alicia is fuelled by pots of tea, celebrates with champagne, finds her calm whilst being scared of sharks ocean swimming, dreams of having the talent to be an architect, explores city scapes on foot, travels, travels, travels and wishes she could read more fiction than she does.

She does not apologise for thinking herbs and spices should be stored in alphabetical order, but has given up on the love of her life sticking to the system. And that’s totally fine.



Everything that Moves Ninja

Able to pack two trucks worth of gear into one almost in a single bound. Don’t ever challenge this man to a game of tetris.

Forklift maestro, warehouse supremo, logistics expert.



Sparks the Joy Ninja

In house legend and certified sparky. Fifteen years on the team and counting. Engineering nouse second to none when it comes to making an idea work in real life.

Ask us how handy his former life as a semi professional cheerleader is when it comes to ceiling installations.



Head Event Ninja

Brings a laser focus, no off switch till every last thing is in place and turns around to pack it all up at midnight like she only started work five minutes earlier.

Back of house, loved for her capacity to get without question why everything needs to be stored in colour coded glory.



Delights Every Time Ninja

Event ninja with a capacity to not only put out styling elements with the precision required, but the talent to sort out the last minute guest drop out/seating plan changes with zero fuss.

Comes armed with a ridiculously beautiful talent in calligraphy, brush lettering and general creating beauty and joy every time.



Extra-Reach Event Ninja

Event ninja. Warehouse ninja. Creative talent. Also able to spot a stain in a napkin or a crease in an overlay at 100 paces.

Serious extra brownie points for having longer arms than anyone else on the team.

Sprinkles happy on everything she does.



Digital Content Ninja

One of our online/social media/wesite ninjas, who knows her pdfs from her pngs, and makes sure you’re seeing our latest events in our website galleries (because, if it was left to Alicia, the last posts online would be at least three years out of date).

And we know this, because that was exactly the situation before Nicole came on board.

Heather, Rabia and Vesper

Heather, Rabia and Vesper

They've Got Our Back Ninjas

Our accountant, bookkeepers and office ninjas, making sure we are always compliant with the ATO, NSW WorkCover Authority, Fair Work Australia and a whole lot of acronyms you don’t have to care about too much. Except to know that we do.

Which means you can sleep easy. We not only deliver on the events. But keep it all legal, and decent, and above board. Just as we should.

Oh and filing. We’re all over the cloud, truly, but the paperless office? Maybe one day.


Flowers Picked

Vases Polished





wedding look book

client love

A once in a lifetime event, & it would not have been the great success that it was without you. Thank you so much for bringing our Lunch in the Fields dream to life. The photos say it all. Incredible job. Incredible day.

Peter Gilmore

Executive Chef, Quay + Bennelong, Sydney

The moment I walked into our reception room I was speechless, met by the most gorgeous vision that was my wedding. I couldn’t believe it! Alicia and the Form Over Function team exceeded my wildest expectations, it was beyond perfect. You simply can’t go past Form Over Function. If only I could go back to that moment again…Thank you Alicia xx

Trish & Ben

Cuppits, Milton South Coast NSW

We and all our guests are still living the magic from Saturday night … simply and utterly flawless on every single count. … Congratulations a zillion times over. I’m at a loss to express my thanks for such a stunning night.

Sarah Roberts

Bennelong, Sydney Opera House

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